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I believe that if we were to talk to any of our fathers or grandfathers who fought that terrible war, they would all agree that the allies should stick together and not have tiffs between us. The free and democratic countries of the world should stick together and be good to each other. And all of the countries that are primarily of English descent like England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US have particularly strong ties which should cause us to be much more supportive of each other, rather than too critical. All free democracies have their problems, but none of our problems are nearly as bad as the dictatorships of the world that do not give the care to their people that we give to ours. And just think about it. If you had a choice of having the US, China, or Russia to be the strongest country in the world, which would we all choose, Russia or China, who squash their people and would likely annex you if they had a chance, or America that just makes an occasional error, but otherwise supports your democracy and would never ever invade your country. Americans are not an ethnic group. We are made up of all people and we are an IDEA. An idea that all men (and women) are created equal and have inalienable rights, such as free speech and the list goes on.

Of course the allies who won the war were many. The big point is this. The US has friendly nations on both of its borders. The Germans did not and would not have invaded us. We could have gotten my father, for example, home earlier, had we just fought in the PACIFIC with our allies Australia and New Zealand and others, but we chose to help England and the French Forces in England, drive the Nazi’s back. If anyone doubts that we did not have to do that, then they are very wrong. We did not.


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The Rome Treaty The USA has unsigned the Rome Treaty to avoid obligations to the International Court. While the Clinton administration signed the treaty in order to enact the court, the Bush administration refused to ratify in favour of clauses allowing political control of the International Judiciary. Other countries that have refused to ratify? Israel, China, Libya, Iraq and Yeman.