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"USMobile's Scrambl3 has implemented the most salient security features of NSA's ‘Fishbowl Project’ secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) architecture, and has a number of unique characteristics that put it in a class ahead of existing commercial secure VoIP techniques," said Dr. Yuliang Zheng, one of the world's foremost cryptographers and a professor of cryptography at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, who conducted an independent analysis of Scrambl3. (See his complete analysis at ).

All calls and texts made with Scrambl3’s Private Mobile Network are private and secure because this network does not interface with standard mobile phone numbers, landlines or any other segment of the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). And while USMobile collaborated with the NSA on this new secure mobile architecture, the company independently developed its implementation of the architecture and source code; the NSA does not have a “back door” to USMobile’s Private Mobile Network.


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Cyvergence Corporation, founded in 1987, was an -based (VoIP) service provider and developer of VoIP virtualization software for Enterprise Linux servers. USMobile spun off from Cyvergence Corporation in 2013. USMobile launched its first product for Android on the in June 2015 and launched for iOS on in January 2016.