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Y Velo 100820 12" - Yvolution Ride On


A most unique and intelligent idea, the Yvolution Y Velo Balance bike was intentionally designed without pedals, allowing for children as young as two years old or even younger to improve their balance skills on the bike before being ready to graduate onto a bicycle. It is worth noting that having a double wheel at the back gives that extra stability for little ones who may not be quite ready to advance onto a regular two wheeled balance bike; usually children will begin to ride these at approximately three years old.

This innovative Yvolution Y Velo Twista balance bike could be a real asset to your toddler and child’s overall developmental progress and they are likely to gain many hours of enjoyment whilst learning to ride it. Their self confidence, self esteem and pride should grow as they master the skills of riding a bicycle and parents will love to watch their progress too. It also comes with a very affordable price tag, just another excellent reason to choose this great balance bike for your eager toddlers!


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The Y Velo Balance Bike is a training bicycle that helps preschoolers learn how to steer and balance. It allows children to build the confidence they will need once they are ready for a more traditional bicycle with pedals - no training wheels required! Y Velo Balance Bike is so easy to ride, which makes it the perfect first bike. Children are seated so their little legs can reach the ground comfortably. To get going, they simple walk to ride and then, eventually, run and cruise. Children can easily and safely control when they stop, by placing their legs firmly on the ground. A built-in steering limiter also allows children to maintain control of how much they turn. The bike's wide tires provide a steady ride across many terrains, taking kids from the sidewalk to the boardwalk to the soccer field. Padded hand grips, an ergonomically designed seat and shock absorbing wheels give little riders extra comfort. Y Velo Balance Bike features an adjustable seat and handle bars that grow with a child. This bike has no training wheels or pedals.

For Ages: 3+

WARNING: For riders age 3-5 and max weight 55 lbs. (25kg). Always wear safety gear including helmet and pads. Ride only on smooth dry surfaces away from traffic. Read information supplied by the manufacturer.