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Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler Toy, Orange


The Vortex football originated in 1993 by under license from toy inventor David Führer as a blue with a black extension branching off three for efficiency. The shape and weight of the ball enabled long distance throws not possible with an ordinary football. Oddzon was ultimately acquired by Corporation and the product now sells under the brand, owned by Hasbro.

The Vortex Football has had several variations including the noisemaking "Howler", light up "Fireflight", and the "Pocket Vortex". The original was referred to as the "Flying Lemon" and "Buzz Bomb".


Abby and Andy: The Vortex Football

The Vortex Football - 6 inch is a pocket-sized football that's easy to throw and catch. It features stabilizing fins that provide speed and accuracy and it has a dense foam football that is soft enough to minimize any damage of errant throws. Play with the Vortex Football for lots of far-flying fun around the office!