• Traditional Wall Torch 609 Torch
  • A medieval style wall torch made in blender cycles render.
  • Reclaimed Wall Torch
  • Reclaimed Wall Torch

Uncle Milton - National Geographic - Explorer's Torch


This Wall Torch Sconce is almost a foot tall and is made of plastic for easy gripping (and safe dropping) by little hands. And when their adventuring is done, it hangs back up on the wall to serve as a nightlight to keep away the grue. Watching the flicker is a bit mesmerizing, sort of like a zzzzzzz…….

Okay, I don’t normally throw tantrums in public, but I’m gonna go on the record and stomp my feet that ThinkGeek is saying this Wall Torch Sconce is for your little ones.


Wall Torch - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki - Wikia

The Wall Torch is a cone-shaped reddish-brown holder with a greenish-brown grip that can be attached to a wall. It has an animated orange fire at the top, which is constantly flickering. This item comes in only one variety.