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  • water squirter flinstones
  • A: The Sea Mammal Water Squirters are sold in an assortment. We are not able to guarantee that an even amount of each will be sent.
  • water squirter flinstones

24 Party Pack - Blade Blaster Mini Eliminator Foam Water Gun Easy Light Weight Water Shooter

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Use whatever water squirters you have around the house and an inflatable beach ball for this fun game. Simply establish a starting line and a finish line and have your kiddos work together to get the ball to the goal while only using water pressure.

Those water squirters are so cute! And so brilliant! we always have these syringes left over after each kid gets a cold cause they always send us home with a lot of them from the Doctor. So wash them out, remove the measurement and we’ll have a blast!


Water squirt in the sky. Blue sky and white clouds in the background.

Between the warm weather and kids being out for summer vacation, parents need fun activities to keep their kids busy and cool. This DIY Water Squirter for Kids is the perfect way to do both. Plus it only requires a few supplies so it is very inexpensive!