• Give The Water Table For Kids - excerpt :
  • Id like to have the Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table for my kids to play with
  • i have been wanting to buy one of those sand/water tables for my kids to play with out back!!
  • Id like to have the Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table for my kids to play with

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table


We have a selection of sizes for little ones and older students. Both junior size and large tables are available. Junior size tables let you enjoy the benefits of a sand and water table, even if you are limited on classroom space. Large water tables for kids are great for group activities. Toddler-size tables are just right for your youngest charges, so they can start developing their skills even from a very young age.

You can choose between plastic and metal water tables for kids or wooden tables with a plastic tub insert. Plastic is a more budget-friendly option, while wood has a natural look that will coordinate well with other . Sand and water tables from Wood Designs are constructed from natural wood with a healthy eco-friendly finish. Their corners are rounded to prevent injury. We also offer great models from Children's Factory and Childbrite.


this week i will be picking up a water table for the kids you can

One of the most popular water tables around, the is jam packed with bells and whistles. With five fun ball-shaped characters, a central spiral funnel, scooping water wheel and water powered spinners, there is plenty of hands-on fun to be had. While this water table for kids is one of the more tricked out options available, it still remains solid and robust and is perched securely on three solid legs.