• A water wall could become a great addition to a .
  • Contemporary metal water walls framed in black stone.
  • A practical DIY combination of a transparent water wall and a self-watering planter.
  • A natural stone water wall could blend with a support wall made of the same stone nicely.

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Too low to display

You can create your pool noodle water wall however you’d like! Feel free to follow the pattern we did or just make up your own. Once you’ve decided how you want the pool noodles to go on the pegboard, just use zip ties to attach the noodles to the board.

To make it easier to pour water into, you can add funnels to the top of each pool noodle. Then just take your water wall outside and start pouring in water! Your kids will love pouring in water and seeing it shoot out the bottom!


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The sizes and the shapes depend on the general décor of your home, especially of your living room. Moreover, the indoor water walls, not only create a dynamic aesthetic effect, but they also can be used in a functional way, for dividing the spaces within a room, in a very original and elegant way.