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Yu-Gi-Oh! - D/D/D Wave King Caesar (DOCS-EN090) - Dimension of Chaos - 1st Edition - Rare

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Gastric slow waves occur at around 3 cycles-per-minute in humans and exhibit significance variances in both amplitudes and propagation velocities in the stomach due to the existence of a gradient of resting membrane potential gradient, interstitial cells of Cajal distributions, and gastric wall thickness. Gastric slow waves frequency, propagation velocity, and amplitude demonstrate significant inter-species differences. Extracellular bioelectrical recording studies have demonstrated that gastric slow waves originate from a pacemaker region located on the greater curvature of the stomach. Human gastric slow waves propagate slower in the corpus than in the pacemaker region and antrum of the stomach. Up to four simultaneous slow wave wavefronts can occur in the human stomach.

Desert Tan Wave Sole GI Type Speedlace Boots
Cordura and Tan Suede Leather Upper. Padded Collar. Nylon Coated Brass Speedhook. Eyelet Lacing System. Common Midsole. Midsole Heat Barrier. Removeable Cushion Insole. Ripple Sole. Galaxy Army Navy Store, NYC. #5058. Footwear & Socks. Military Combat Boots.


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