• What: Big Blue Whale Toys & Curiosities
  • Don't let his little smile fool you: the Blue Whale Stress Toy packs a serious promotional punch.
  • Don't let his little smile fool you: the Blue Whale Stress Toy packs a serious promotional punch.
  • Humpback Whale Stress Toys are a great marketing tool for brands on a budget!

Schleich Blue Whale Figure


There are whale statues, whale key-rings, whale placemats, whale coasters, whale posters, whale chopsticks and stuffed whale toys.

It seems a happy store, particularly if you're a whale fan.

Then you detect something that smells a little fishy.

The source? Next to a wall of cute whale images in this otherwise cheerful Toyko shop are two white refrigerated cabinets full of actual whale.

Graphic images of oceans running red with the blood of whales harpooned by Japanese fisherman in the name of "research" fill your mind, blocking out the cute toys.

This place, in the middle of Tokyo's tourist district, isn't just a whale souvenir stand; it's also a whale butchery.

From a marketing point of view, a conflict seems evident in a store that sells whale flesh as well as whale puppets.

On one wall is a poster featuring the world's whale species, including an image of the endangered humpback whale. The disconnect is disturbing.

As Australians - along with much of the world - watch the senseless slaughter in horror and protest against the whalers' actions, it seems the Japanese people have either no concept of what's happening or they are not interested.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph in Tokyo, Australia's Ambassador to Japan Murray McLean said the majority of people in Japan did not understand what was involved in the whale slaughter business.

"That's why we need to step up our effort and try to spread factual information," Mr McLean said.

Inspired by life from the depths of the ocean, create stunning stuffed marine life toys for all ages. The Small Albino Whale toy, in all his sweet jacquard and blue-eyed glory is priced $127.


Humpback Whale Stress Toy | Custom Stress Balls | 1.28 Ea.

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