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Pokken Tournament - Wii U


Nintendo itself may be putting in some blood, sweat, and tears to keep the Wii U running, but third-party developers have not followed suit. Many of the larger game studios have actually said that they don't want to waste much time and money on Wii U titles anymore, and others are simply voting with their wallets.

In his Nintendo Direct presentation today, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata apologized for the scarcity of new Wii U titles so far, and promised that the pace should pick up by March.


EA CFO Confirms Wii U Titles Are Currently In Development | Ubergizmo

That, right there, is mainstream reality. The demographic of dedicated gamers and enthusiasts is smaller than many would like, and is only one part of picture. We know how big the hardcore Nintendo demographic is based on the falls from the Wii / DS generation to the current era - few outside of the hardiest fans, clearly, have bought into the Wii U. How else to explain phenomenal sales of key Wii U titles - as of 30th June there had been 13.02 million consoles shipped, yet has shipped 7.7 million units. That is bonkers (also impressive), and provides a glimpse of a loyal audience in its millions, with various other Wii U titles shipping three million units and above. That's impressive on one hand, but those numbers aren't good enough for a multi-billion-dollar corporation like Nintendo.