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  • CURVED wooden train TRACK BRIO 33342 Large Curves TRAIN Tracks
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Now the question might be raised about the importance of being attuned with the competitors. The answer is simple as that. The compatibility of items help customers to let their imagination go and build a track that is absolutely unique! Since 1958 the has been one famous name in the business. They have been making the wooden train track and accessories to let the blooming little ones be creative and active with those. Another big name in the sector would be the and they have been in this business since 2001. Ever since their first release, Bigjigs have been a huge success in making wooden tracks, figurines and other stuff. Finally, BRIO had a worthy competitor by the side.

Marshal H. Larrabee II founded the in 1936. This toy company made wooden toy trains and wooden tracks. The gauge was very similar to that used by most companies today. However, the connections for the track pieces were of a different design than the jigsaw style "peg and hole" system used today. The trains were made of and were often left unpainted and unstained. They are compatible with many brands of modern wooden train track. took over the sales for Skaneateles Handicrafters in 1956. This company retained the design and track connecting system into the 1960s. Marshal H. Larrabee sold his company to the German-based in 1980. The company was renamed T.C. Timber and its products were manufactured in . The production line was closed in 2002.


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I have a random question, my son was just gifted some old wooden train tracks and he is more interested in making them “race car tracks” . The thing is we only got like 4 pieces that have a top side for trains and the bottom side has a flat middle that can be used for cars. WHO MAKES THESE TRACKS!!! I have spent the last two days googling wooden tracks and still have no clue!?! I hope you might have an idea!