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Mortal Kombat X - Xbox One


The XBOX One games list could very soon grow as E3 rolls into town and new games are released for both the XBOX One system and for PS4. With concerns aplenty for hardcore gamers since the initial XBOX One press conference, we take a look at what lies ahead for XBOX One, what the system means for the future of video game design and what games and news to expect from Microsoft and XBOX One at E3 2013.

Another big surprise with the XBOX One games list is the lack of Kinect games. Microsoft placed a lot of focus on Kinect during the XBOX One press conference, but so far there are no games designed specifically for Kinect. Obviously, this is a huge problem, as Kinect’s success is heavily reliant on third party support. Microsoft are going to need a massive success on Kinect in order to convince video game developers to develop for the system. Financial investors simply won’t gamble money on a system that at the moment appears to lack commercial viability. Where that huge success is going to come from, however, remains to be seen.


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