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Xbox Video and Xbox Games are coming to ; this means that starting on Oct. 26 — when Microsoft's latest OS launches — users will be able to purchase and rent content from the Xbox Video store on their Windows 8 devices.

While the title selection of the Xbox Video store isn't as comprehensive as what iTunes offers, the catalog still has a wide selection for both movies and TV. For users who are already invested in their Xbox ecosystem, bringing the content onto the PC is a no-brainer.


Xbox 360 Games: Video Games for Xbox 360 - Best Buy

Some hit films are available to buy through Xbox Video before they're available on DVD and television episodes can be purchased the day after they air. There are over 150,000 titles in the Xbox Video library and search is powered by Bing. TV season passes can be purchased and give users access to television series. Episodes are then automatically to your collection when they become available.