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  • Oct. 17 - Over 17,000 yellow rubber ducks race for a good cause in Rhode Island. Tara Cleary reports.
  • PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Quack, quack! The giant yellow rubber duck is returning to Pennsylvania this week.

Classic Yellow Rubber Ducky by Schylling


This fascinating toy will help your little one exercise their coordination skills while offering hours and hours of fun as they play with this classic bathtub companion, the yellow rubber duckie that bobs around in water, floats upright no matter what you do to it, and squeaks when you squeeze it. The set includes three duckies: one big and two little ones. Kids love to explore and learn new things - give them the right tools for it! Comes in a colorful box measuring 5.6 x 7.6 x 3.6 inches. Safe for all ages, this pretty toy would make an affordable gift for any child!

Yellow Rubber Duck. Buy the original yellow bath mate of the Amsterdam Duck Store. Pure and simple. This is the ultimate start of your duckies collection. Can’t do without it! Also a great gift for true bathers.


The Yellow Rubber Duck, Dublin, Ireland

Original song "Yellow Rubber Ducks" by Rich Eilbert.. The song retells the 10 year journey of 29,000 rubber ducks from the Pacific OCean to the Atlantic via the Arctic sea. Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer and, more recently, Donovan Hohn have written books on this novel topic.