• Zing Toys Inc 9
  • It's a bull's-eye battle with this Urban Throwing Darts set by Zing Toys.
  • Practice hitting your target anywhere with this Air Huntress Zano Bow by Zing Toys.
  • Zing Toys Sky Ripperz are the newest innovation in flight technology.

Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow, Green


Our family had a really great time with both Zing Toys we reviewed. We have been using them often since they arrived. Both my husband and myself have had our share of turns with the Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow and Zoom Zooka as well. The best part about both of these toys is that they all have soft tips so nobody gets hurt!

Toys that shoot darts, arrows, and pretty much any other object seem to appeal to children. Actually, they appeal to adults too now that I think about it. Boy, girl, child, or adult, we are all drawn to fun toys. Zing Toys sent me an Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow and Zoom Zooka to review, which both fit this category.


Zing Toys Curve Bow Air Hunter Refill Pack - Kmart

The Zing Toys Zyclone is a quality addition to the lineup. For more great deals on by , please browse our Zing Toys Camping Gear page.